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Bowen Wellness Summit Library - MindBody, Power!

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Included is a 216 page workbook, 30 presentations, 2 feature films, 5 recorded q&a Zoom calls. Almost 30 hours of educational content!

What you will receive:

* Special 216 page workbook! 

* 6 months access to all speaker content

* Live recorded q&a zoom calls 

* These Two Hands - (7 day access to the Award-winning-film on Bowen therapy)

* From Depression With Love -  (7 day access to a new film on depression)

* BAA 16 Category 2 points. 

* BFTA 16 CPE points. (Only applicable with viewing of the Summit and completion of a personal reflection form available from BTFA Admin.) 

You will also discover more about:

· How Bowen can transform mental health

· Deeper knowledge of the Vagus Nerve 

· Be an integral part of the Bowen evolution

· Enhance your healing potential 

· Increase your wellness abundance

· Take your business to the next level

· Lead the field with Bowen Therapy

With almost 30 hours of educational and enlightening content from some of the best experts in the field, you will feel more empowered in your Bowen journey than ever.

With almost 30 hours of educational content this summit is designed to empower you to achieve your business goals, inspire your inner healer, and ignite your life!


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Congratulations to everyone involved! A superb Bowen Wellness Summit. Excellent content. Have been up in the early hours of the morning, to listen in live from Spain, while on holiday. Thank you for the gems you have passed on to enhance understanding of Mental Health and Wellness. These Two Hands and From Depression With Love are both superb documentaries. The hard work and research in producing the films must have been extensive. The Summit is so informative and Speakers excellent. Thank you.

Dianna (Bowen therapist)