Bowen Reveals the Bodies Secrets

"One of the most insightful workshops you will ever experience." 
Helen Dobra



 The Grandmother of Bowen


Over 30 years of experience Anne Schubert will deliver her most profound discoveries. This course will enrich your understanding and expand your knowledge.

Anne Schubert is renowned for her Mind-Body-Bowen work, she has been an advanced Bowen Practitioner and instructor for over 20 years. With her wealth of knowledge, and expertise she has developed her NEW online course.

Duration: 6+ hours of video content

What you will receive!

* Private Group Q&A Zoom Call (To be scheduled soon)

* Special Manual & Chart

* 10 episodes + Tests + Assignments + Bonus

1. Introduction - How it all Began

2. The Mystery of the Body

3. Live Demonstration 1

4. Live Demonstration 2

5. Live Demonstration 3

6. Live Demonstration 4

7. The Key to Recovery

8. Live Demonstration 5

9. Live Demonstration 6

10. The Healer Within

BONUS: Chart Explanation

BONUS: Group Zoom Recording



* Learning to decipher the clues that will rebalance the body's past trauma.

* Open dialog with repressed cellular memory.

* Develop a unique and effective treatment plan.

* Achieve relief for chronic non-responsive clients.

* Explore the pathways for repair to begin.

* Create the potential to balance a wellness.




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Improve Bowen Therapy Results


Have you ever wondered why some clients respond brilliantly to only two or three treatments while others need to keep returning, or worse still, do not respond at all? You need to become a Bowtective!

Hidden within is a unique lifetime of memories; happenings while in utero, traumatic births, incidents in the first three years, shocks during operations, or long-forgotten accidents. All are stored in the unconscious cellular memory, the body's ‘filing cabinet'. A clever Bowtective can help the body reveal these secrets and then decipher the clues so that the tensions that have developed over the years can soften and begin to melt away, like snowballs on a hot stove.

Anne Schubert is renowned for her Mind-Body-Bowen work in which she successfully developed and ran for years with Health professional  and Bowen Teacher Margaret Spicer. This course is inspired by that work. She has been an advanced Bowen Practitioner and instructor for over 20 years. With her wealth of knowledge, and expertise she has developed her NEW online course.



"A remarkable course that really changed something in my Bowen practice.The intelligence of the body surprises me every time. Thank you Anne Schubert for this amazing and touching course." Georgiana Cerne Abo Moch 

"Wow! Love this work and new detective information. I love searching for the bodies clues. Thank you Sean and Helen for sharing!! Being able to move through the journey with you both during this video was quite fascinating as the story unfolded. Thank you!" Amber Davies

"Thank you so much Anne for sharing your expansive knowledge and the production of this amazing course and resource. It has given me the missing pieces I have been looking for and the opportunity to reinvigorate my love for such a wonderful modality. The whole birth order history is fascinating. I think I shall be looking into that a bit more to satisfy my curiosity. Once again thank you." Julie Cameron

"I have just completed all sessions and may I commend you for this course; it was wonderful! I have done two Mind, Body, Bowen courses with you and Margaret and this one was both good revision for me and by sharing your evolving insights I learned much more. I would like to add that in my opinion- and as a Bowen Therapist of nearly 30 years- this course is superbly structured, delivered and the production values set a new bench-mark standard of excellence for online training."  Louise Armitage 

"Oh my goodness!! Wow! What a wonderful, amazing gift you are offering. Thank you for all your work, commitment, and love, and for making this available to us. God bless you, and all who took part in putting it together." Lynne Csikos

"I found the article in your Mind Body Bowen Manual where I took your class with Margaret in Arkansas. I have so enjoyed your masterclass and the elegance of you. This has renewed my interest. I plan to rewatch the series." Betty Robbins

"Incredible work, well done! Thanks for sharing this wisdom. I am deeply touch and amazed by this course. You are my inspiration. The best Bowen course ever!" Anna Harder

"I have thoroughly enjoyed doing this masterclass with Anne. I have watched the videos several times and will do so some more. Bowen is amazing and so is Anne. Thank you." Sonya Glennie

For years Anne Schubert has been my greatest teacher in Bowen Therapy and from reviewing this workshop I have completely changed the way I perform in my clinic which has increased my results and my work flow with abundance."

These Two Hands Producer & Bowen Therapist

Helen Dobra

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