Meet our wonderful Team

Our team comprises various professionals, all with a passion and commitment to expanding natural health, therapy and well-being.

Sean Dobra - Managing Director

Sean Dobra is an award-winning filmmaker and founder of Starmax Films. With over 10 years in business management and 15 years in video production, he brings a wealth of experience. His spiritual journey has given him insight and a  deep passion for natural health and living a life you love.

Helen Dobra -Education Coordinator

Helen Dobra is the producer of the Bowen Documentary These Two Hands. She is a highly qualified Bowen therapist, Chi Gong practitioner, TRTP coach and health expert. With over 10 years of experience managing her own practice, Seeds of Wellbeing, she bridges the gap between entrepreneur and natural therapist.

Alana Spooner - Events Coordinator

Alana has a long history and is well known in the events management world. She has worked directly for high-end corporate companies, including crown casino and the summer foundation. She is the founder of boutique events & Co. She has a passion. for natural health and wellbeing.

Helen Kassa - Marketing Director

Helen Kassa is a marketing expert, digital creator and aspiring film director. She has a wealth of experience in growing social media accountants and networking with film agencies, and marketing through various channels. 

Karina Louise - Virtual Assitant

Karina Louise Dobra is our teams wonderful! As a Virtual Assistant, I specialise in front-end web development and design, email marketing, automation and scheduling and social media management. 

Christian Filippone - Video Editor

Christian, is a video production whiz! He has worked with some of Melbourne's top Video creative agencies and collaborated with some of Australia's largest brands. We are lucky to have him working directly with us to enhance our video production.

Travis Geileskey - Website Managment

Trav, has been managing and designing high-end websites and applications for the past 15 years. He is the creator of Roaming Duck which is a global travelling software. He has a natural interest in all things natural health.

Chucky Rajapaksha - Videographer

Chucky has been a videographer for over 10 years. He has a passion for framing beautiful images and sharing ancient wisdom, meditation and natural health with the world.

Our Partnered Educators & Speakers

This is a list of just some of our past speakers and educators with whom we have worked directly as part of our events, films and courses.

Dr. Robert Schleip

Oswald & Elaine Rentsch

John Wilks

Georgie IIchev

Anne Schubert

Karen Hedrick

Suzanne McTier-Browne

Russell Sturgess

Dr Jaimini Raniga

Ariya Lodge

John Coleman

Christine Ammann


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